with Passion

Wood-working in perfection. Following moistening and steaming, slice-cut veneers with the typical grain pattern are obtained from carefully selected tree trunks. The sliced veneer is divided into individual sheets. The layers of the future shell are selected from these sheets and then assembled. The carefully assembled stacks are pressed in a special tool under high pressure to form a blank.

Das ist der alternative Text The basic material comes from sustainable forestry.
Slicing the veneers
The finished veneers
Quality inspection for the veneers
Off to the next step ...
Mould pressing of the multi-layer veneers
Milling the precision edges
Smoothing of the surface by hand
Final inspection of the surfaces by Nimbus employees

Both sides pressed in a mould. The acoustically effective bottom side of the Lighting PAD Lounge is pressed from multi-layer, soft fleece, thus receiving its typical indentations for glare suppression and its characteristic appearance.

Assembly of the acoustic fleeces
Quality inspection of the acoustic fleeces in preparation for further processing

One-off items assembled by hand. Every Lighting Pad Lounge is carefully assembled from the individual components at our factory in Stuttgart.

Every Lighting Pad Lounge is a hand-finished one-off item and a true Nimbus masterpiece.