Lighting Atmosphere

Light temperature, mood setter. Daylight shows us how it should be – warm-white in the morning and evening, more neutral and cooler light at midday. A light spectrum that adapts to human biorhythms and ranges from 2,700 to 4,000 kelvins. That corresponds to the range from the warm-white of a light bulb to the neutral-white of a fluorescent tube.

2700 K
4000 K

Light makes an impression. The high-quality, especially developed lenses bundle light to a glare-free beam. They are integrated into the fleece and are barely visible. Light emission is therefore practically invisible. The light is not revealed until it hits the illuminated surface – for example the surfaces of dining or conference tables, coffee tables or counters – where it unfolds its surprising brightness and brilliance.

Light from an invisible source. The Lighting Pad Lounge also features indirect light, which is emitted via the moulded wood shell to illuminate the ceiling.

Up or down or both. Direct downlighting onto the table surface and indirect uplighting to brighten a room via the ceiling. Separate control and combined adjustment of the light colour – both are possible.

Beam angle

Harmoniously integrated. The indirect component has been recessed into the surface with a gentle contour, thus creating a striking design element.

The trick to glare suppression. The Lighting Pad Lounge's glare-free indirect lighting component is really unique. An especially developed parabolic reflector produces soft yet powerful indirect light.

Brilliant and powerful. The small high-performance LEDs integrated into the Pad only become visible upon closer inspection. They ensure the very high luminous efficacy and emit a brilliant, glare-free light that guarantees a great lighting atmosphere.

Playing with light. The gossamer-thin suspension wires interact with the indirect light component to conjure a dainty lighting effect on the ceiling.